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BSA SMB (Small & Medium Butchershops) is here for you. With the help of BSA, the professionals of the meat industry can stand out from their competition and increase their profitability. Hundreds of butchers, caterers, and cooks trust BSA’s expertise to develop new products with premium ingredients.

Get from a project to a product with our comprehensive range of services. Our services include: research & development, technical support, ingredients and equipment distribution as well as customized trainings.

BSA is the leader in the food ingredients industry. We believe regional products are part of our collective heritage. BSA actively participates to the growth of this industry by partnering with local artisans from Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes.

Join the Gourmet BSA community for free and get access to a vast array of useful tools! Our website offers a Recipe Calculator, a detailed list of products, technical documentation and many recipes. After consulting our website, make sure to visit us at our Montreal sales point or contact your sales representative to place an order.

For an overview of our products, please click here to view our Product Catalogue.


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Why innovate?

Although innovation activities vary considerably from one company to another, one conclusion is clear: innovation is essential. But why should we innovate? Here are some ideas to start the discussion. Innovate to keep control One of the most effective ways to stay competitive is to have control over many aspects of your daily activities. This […]

Turn Change Into Opportunity

Major retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Amazon, are taking over the food industry. Manufacturers are diversifying their offer to follow new trends: organic, gluten-free, vegan, etc. How can independent butchers compete with this continuously changing market? Should they fear it or embrace it? It is a mistake to believe that having a business in a […]