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Country Style Gourmet Marinade


Slightly acidic and sweet taste. Excellent on beef and pork.
Lemon & Mint Gourmet Marinade


Fresh taste and refreshing with flavors of lemon and mint. Ideal for white meat.
Madeira Wine Gourmet Marinade


Wine Madeira seasoning (Portugal) which gives a good taste and a dark color (brown) meat. While it is appropriate for all meat, it is at its best with red meats.
Maple, Pepper & Chipotle Gourmet Marinade


Marinade made with the spiciness of pepper, hot chili and the sweetness of the aroma of maple, while slightly smoked.
Mushroom, Balsamic & Wine Gourmet Marinade


Gourmet seasoning for connoisseurs customers! Successful marriage between the fungus and wine, well supported by the balsamic vinegar.
Provençale Herbs
Gourmet Marinade


Harmonious blend of herbs in the French countryside composed of thyme, rosemary and lavender.
Roasted Pepper & Tomato Gourmet Marinade


The taste of the tomato, tinted red pepper; fresh flavor for the summer.
Steak House Gourmet Marinade


BBQ marinade full of character in the presence of cracked pepper, onion and garlic.
Tomato, Cumin & Wine Gourmet Marinade


The sweet taste of tomato, enhanced by cumin – goes well with all meat and all fish.