BSA offers you a rich variety of pre-mixes, with or without binder, to prepare delicious fresh sausages. Below, discover our range of flavours and their recipes.

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Apple   S6K212  A sausage to which you must add apples
B.B.Q.  S9K058  For traditional B.B.Q. sausages
B.B.Q. (New Formula)   S2A3G005  Improved recipe for traditional B.B.Q. sausages
Beef   S6J210  To prepare a breakfast sausage with beef
Beef & Pork #100   S7D249  Basic seasoning, with a light red colour, used to make breakfast sausage
Beef & Pork #140   S7D248  Basic seasoning, with a light red colour, used to make breakfast sausage. Very popular!
Beer   S7D246  German sausage with pepper, rosemary, nutmeg, and mace to which you add full-bodied beer
Black Pepper   S6K215  Peppery sausage with pieces of pepper
Bloody Caesar     The taste of the famous cocktail in a sausage
Blueberry     Quebec style fruity sausage
Bratwurst   S7C122  German recipe with a mild taste
Breakfast, Gluten-Free, Reduced Salt  SGSD0004  Breakfast sausage, gluten-free and low sodium, with sea salt
Broccoli   S2A0B030  A broccoli sausage with a light cheese flavour
Brûle Gueule   2A3B016  Its French name means “Burns the mouth”… Very spicy! To be used with binder 7D249 or 7D248.
Bruschetta     Tomatoes and fine herbs sausage with a light vinegary taste
Cajun   6K211  Louisiana style strong taste
Campfire   S2A5D041  B.B.Q. sausage with a smoke taste
Caprisiosa   S2A1D041  An Italian taste (capers, cheese, and olives)
Caramelized Onions, Balsamic Vinegar & Mustard  2A9G037  Gourmet sausage, for your clients with refined tastes
Celtic Sausage  S57701  A seasoning that accompanies the taste of the meat without masking it.
Cheese & Bacon   S7D250  A sausage with a delicious flavour of cheese and bacon – an excellent way to use leftover bacon and ham pieces
Cheese & Jalapeño   S2A7C045  Slightly spicy sausage, with jalapeno peppers and cheese flavour
Chicken   S6D240  Perfect seasoning to prepare sausage with chicken
Chipotle Fire   2B9E012  Spicy sausage with a chipotle pepper flavour
Chorizo  5K326  Traditional seasoning from the Iberian Peninsula, to which you add salt
Churrasco  S2B6L007  A sausage with a taste of Brazilian grill
Citrus Coriander  SGSD0005  Delicious mix of lime and cilantro (dried coriander leaves). Excellent with chicken meat.
Classic Pub  S2B6C015  A sausage with a taste of Irish pub
Cranberry   S2A1I040  A sausage with a fruity taste, perfect for turkey stuffing
Croque-Monsieur     Delicious sausage with the taste of this popular sandwich
Curry  S7D206  A typical flavour of India (yellow curry, turmeric, cumin…)
Dijon Mustard   S9I042  For a classic Dijon mustard taste
Fine Herbs   S6E222  A sausage with fine herbs taste (marjoram, thyme, rosemary, and parsley)
Fine Herbs & Garlic   S6J214  A sausage with a fine herbs and garlic taste
Fine Herbs
(No MSG)
S2A1G001  A sausage with fine herbs taste, without MSG (monosodium glutamate). Recommended for game meat.
Fine Herbs, Gluten-Free, Reduced Salt  SGSD0007  A sausage with fine herbs taste, gluten-free and low sodium, with sea salt
Fruit Salad     For a different style of sausage
Game Meat   S6J209  This seasoning is a perfect match for game meat
Garlic Polish Sausage   S7D251  Central Europe sausage with a strong taste of garlic
Garlic Provençal  S2A1C041  Provençal style sausage (fine herbs, rosemary, thyme, etc.)
German   S7D239  German-style sausage with ginger and nutmeg
Grandmother   S2B5H054  Old-fashioned sausage, perfect for the cold seasons
Greek     Greek style sausage
Green Onion   S6F220  A sausage with a green onion and chives flavour, to which you can add white wine
Honey & Garlic   S6E235  A sausage with a honey and garlic taste
Honey & Mustard   S2A2D012  A sweet sausage with a typical colour
Italian, Gluten-free, Reduced Salt  SGSD0003  For a spicy sausage, gluten-free and low sodium, with sea salt
Mild Italian
(No Binder)
S2A0A006  A mild, yet spicy Italian sausage
Hot Italian
(No Binder)
S7D230  A hot and spicy Italian sausage
X-hot Italian
(No Binder)
S7D229  A very spicy Italian sausage
Jalapeño (Hot Peppers)     A strong jalapeño pepper taste
Kanpai   2B9E013  Light-coloured sausage inspired by Japanese cuisine
Leek   S2A0B014  Leek sausage
Maple   S2A0D025  A sausage with a true taste of maple!
Maple, Pepper
and Chipotle
2B3L013  Inspired by our popular Maple, Pepper & Chipotle marinade
Merguez (No Binder)   S5K325  Prepare delicious merguez sausages with a traditional taste of Maghreb
Mexican   S2A0B022  A spicy sausage with a red pepper taste
Mushroom     A sausage with a mushroom taste
Mustard & Tarragon   S2A0D026  A sausage with a mustard and tarragon taste
Orange & Pepper     A unique way to use the pepper binder; perfect for duck trimmings
Pesto  S9E030  A sausage with Italian flavours
Pizza     Delicious sausage with a taste of pizza
Pork   S6L224  A traditional Quebec sausage with an highlighted taste of pork
Portuguese  2B4A056  Southern Europe sausage with a grill and smoke taste and a delicious mix of spices, including lots of peppers
Poutine  2B9E016  A sausage that reproduces the taste of this typical Quebecois dish
Québécois   S8H005  Perfect as a breakfast sausage (similar to binder 140)
Red Beet     A sausage with a unique colour
Red Curry & Coco   2B2B058  Thai style sausage
Rib Style  2B1C022  A sausage with the taste of ribs
Smoked   S6D265  A true taste of smoke, as if the sausage had been cooked in a smoker
Smoked Meat   S6G202  A sausage with a smoked meat taste
Spicy Buffalo   S9C031  Louisiana style seasoning. Very spicy!
Spinach   S9I041  A sausage with a rich taste of spinach and a unique colour
Spinach & Feta     Greek style spinach sausage
Steak Spice   S6D258  A sausage with a steak spice taste
Sweet & Sour   S2A0D024  A slight bitter taste
Taco   S3B4I002  For a spicy sausage with character
Thai   S2A0D028  A delicious taste of Thailand, with ginger and lemon
Tomato & Basil   S9C032  Tomato and basil taste, with pieces of dried tomatoes
Tomato & Basil, Gluten-Free, Reduced Salt  SGSD0002  Tomato and basil taste, with pieces of dried tomatoes, gluten-free, low sodium, with sea salt
Toulouse   S8F045  A typical French sausage, perfect for cassoulet
Toulouse (No Binder)  S6D243  French recipe for traditional Toulouse sausage
Tzatziki    For a sausage with a taste of Tzatziki sauce
Veal   S7D226  Perfect seasoning to prepare sausages with veal
Vegetable   S6E232  A sausage with a vegetable flavour (dehydrated vegetables in the seasoning)