Explore the range of other charcuterie specialties: cretons, pâtés, mousses and terrines, roast fat…

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Alambra Seasoning

Available in 1 kg (regular or no MSG)
Amber Jelly

Various sizes
Brine for Smoked Salmon

Available in 4.70 kg
Chicken and/or Turkey Cretons

Available in 0.90 kg (no MSG)

Available in 0.18 kg or 0.92 kg (regular or no MSG)
Garlic & Fine Herbs Cretons

Available in 0.92 kg or 1.10 kg (regular or no MSG)
Gluten-Free Salt Reduced Cretons

Available in 0.101 kg
Ham & Bacon Loaf

Available in 1.52 kg
Head Cheese Seasoning

Available in 0.64 kg
Meat Pie Seasoning

Available in 1.13 kg
Old-Fashioned Capicollo

Available in 0.850 kg
Roast Drippings

Available 0.81 kg
Superior Pâté Binder

Available in 2 kg
Vegetable Cretons

Available in 0.98 kg