Lima’s vast range of equipment, including meat-bone separators, deboners and desinewers, are available at BSA. For more information about the equipment specs, please visit Lima’s website.

Meat-Bone Separators – S Range

Operator-friendly machines offering a high yield.

These meat-bone separators are designed for poultry, pork and fish bones. They produce a high quality mecanically separated meat while ensuring a high yield. The S Range offers 21 different models. Our technicians will help you find the model that fits your needs based on your raw material and your target input capacity.

Meat-bone separators – S range

Fat-Skin Separators – C Range

Efficient work with no precrushing needed.

Thanks to their advanced technological features, these machines produce a nice ground fat as well as a skin with preserved integrity. The C range offers 4 different models.

Fat-skin separators – C range

Beef Meat-Bone Separators – BSP Range

Low-pressure operation for high yield results.

These separators have been specifically designed to separate meat from beef bones to obtain a quality fibrous structured beef meat. There is no need to pre-crush or pre-grind the bones. The BSP range offers 4 different models.

Beef meat-bone separators – BSP range

Deboners/Desinewers – DD/DDS and DDM/DDSM Range

Advanced technological features for a high quality desinewed or deboned meat.

The DD/SS and DDM/DDSM range is designed specifically to denerve raw materials such as poultry, beef and pork trimmings. It can also be used as a deboner for poultry bones. Thanks to their design, these machines allow the lowest possible pressure on the raw material. The DD/DDs and DDM/DDSM range offers 36 different models.

Deboners – DD/DDS and DDM/DDSM range

Deboners – DP/DSP Range

Low rotation to preserve the characteristics of the raw material.

These machines are designed specifically for pork bones. The DP deboners are made to obtain a coarse ground deboned meat at optimum yield. The DSP deboners are made to obtain a high quality structured meat with low calcium content. The DP/DSP range offers 12 different models.

Deboners – DP/DSP range