Products Archive - BSA

Memphis BBQ Sauce

This hickory smoke BBQ sauce has a light taste of molasses and tomatoes. Product Code: B70010

General Tao Sauce

This traditional Asian sauce is flavoured with orange and sesame. It is slightly spicy. Product Code: B70002

Portuguese Marinade

Traditional Portuguese marinade with a smoky and slightly spicy flavour. Product Code: B60050

Whisky Seasoning for Gravlax

Natural whisky aroma flavoured with lemon and a blend of spices and cane sugar. Product Code: B30032

Mexican Tequila Glaze

Natural tequila aroma flavoured with lime and a blend of Mexican spices. Product Code: B30030

Smoked Meat Style Rub

This smoked meat flavoured rub is seasoned with a delicate blend of spices. Product Code: B30029

Black and White Sesame Seeds Blend

This blend of black and white sesame seeds is mainly used to coat stuffed salmon. Product Code: B30020

Bell Pepper and Garlic Rub

This red and green bell peppers rub is flavoured with garlic and onion. With its subtle smoke taste, it is ideal for grilled dishes. Product Code: B30016

Kafta Seasoning

The binder of this seasoning has a Middle Eastern flavour profile. It is subtly flavoured with warm spices. Product Code: B30014

Panko Maple Rub

A maple-flavoured panko rub with a touch of pepper and a hint of hickory smoke. Product Code: B30012