Amber Jelly

Jelly is a mix of gelatin and seasonings. It is specially designed for the glazing of pâtés and terrines. Caramel is added to this jelly, which gives it its amber colour. If gum is added to the jelly, the jelly will solidify at a higher temperature.

This jelly is also good for the preparation of aspics.

No gum – Available sizes:

1.2 kg (9K087)

5.0 kg  (9I023)

25.0 kg (8I001)

No gum, no MSG – Available sizes:

1.2 kg (2A1D020)

Recipe: To prepare 500 grams of gelatin, bring 0.500 liters of cold water to a boil. Remove from heat and add 25 to 60 grams of amber gelatin. Mix until completely dissolved. Transfer into another container and let cool.