Cure 64 (Sodium Nitrite 6.4%)

Available sizes:

1.0 kg (9K050)

5.0 kg (2A0A056)

10.0 kg (2A0A057)

25.0 kg (6C121)

Nitrate and nitrite are two additives that have been used in the production of delicatessen products for centuries. They can be found in the form of potassium salt, sodium salt, nitrite, or nitrate. In Canada, nitrate and nitrite are usually mixed with salt, becoming nitrite salt, with nitrite and nitrate proportions varying between 1% and 12.5%. The most commonly used nitrite salt contains 6.4% of sodium nitrite, which corresponds to 6.4 grams of sodium nitrite and 93.6 grams of salt.

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