Dill Seeds

Dill originates from the East. Today, it is grown in India, Pakistan, Egypt and the United States. It has a strong, fresh and spicy scent. Its taste is warm and sweet. The flavour of the leaves is similar to that of fennel, while the seeds resemble caraway. Dill goes very well with fish and salads. It pairs well with cumin, caraway, fennel and parsley. However, it is not recommended to combine it with garlic, olive oil, chives, or cooked tomatoes. This spice should not be boiled, because its flavour will disappear.

Whole Dill Seeds
Product Code: 1W9L036
Size: 0.50 kg

Ground Dill
Product Code: 9K030
Size: 1.00 kg

Product Code: 5B016
Size: 5.00 kg

Dill Weed
Product Code: 2A0H035
Size: 1.00 kg

Product Code: 7E211
Size: 6.50 kg