Fennel Seeds

Fennel originates from the Mediterranean region where it is still grown. It is also found in China and India. The spice comes from the seeds and the leaves. Its sweet and mild taste evokes the flavours of anise and licorice. Nowadays, it is associated with Italian cuisine. The seeds are very good for seasoning pork, beef, rabbit and lamb, as well as cooked pepperoni and Italian sausages.

Fennel Seeds
Product Code: 9K059
Size: 1.00 kg

Product Code: 5C006
Size: 5.00 kg

Product Code: 5C107
Size: 25.00 kg

Ground Fennel Seeds
Product Code: 2A0A001
Size: 1.00 kg

Product Code: 2A0K006
Size: 7.00 kg

Product Code: 2A9A013
Size: 20.00 kg