Industrial Smokehouse

These models are available in different sizes, each with an impressive holding capacity. Customized models may be built to better meet your needs.

They are equipped with an electrical heating system, three temperature settings (humid, dry and internal product temperature) and a semi-automatic washing and rinsing cycle for the ventilation system and cabinet.

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  • Vertical or Horizontal Air Flow

  • Industrial units welded on site

  • Showering system

  • Automatic dual temperature recorder (digital – paperless or analog – charts)

  • Liquid smoke system (pressure tank, regulator, valves, nozzles)

  • Automatic smoke generator (sawdust type)

  • Steam Generator 6 KW, 12 KW and 18 KW (selected models)

  • Cooling system for cold smoking (with compressor)

  • Gas heating direct fired (selected models)

  • Gas heating indirect including ventilation box (selected models)

  • Steam heating with stainless steel exchanger coils (selected models)

  • Steaming Ramp for steam

  • Automatic door opener