Rational Intelligent Cooking Systems

BSA distributes Rational intelligent cooking systems. We also offer personalized culinary support after the installation of these units.

To learn more about intelligent cooking, watch this video!

Rational offers six models of intelligent cooking systems:

  • Model with six shelves: SCC61 and SCC62
  • Model with ten shelves: SCC101 and SCC102
  • Model with twenty shelves: SCC201 and SCC202

  • All these units are available as either electric or gas models.


    Electric models:

  • SCC61 E
  • SCC62 E
  • SCC101 E
  • SCC102 E
  • SCC201 E
  • SCC202 E

  • Gas models:

  • SCC61 G
  • SCC62 G
  • SCC101 G
  • SCC102 G
  • SCC201 G
  • SCC202 G

  • Options: Vario Smoker

    The Vario Smoker generates natural smoke and is adapted to the cells of the Rational intelligent cooking system.

    You can also watch this video: