Safe-T-Lac Potassium

Available sizes:

1 kg (SCU9LD45)

5 kg (SCU5LD45)

23 kg (SCU2LD45)

250 kg (SCU1LD45)

What is Safe-T-Lac?
Safe-T-Lac Potassium is a mix of potassium lactate and sodium diacetate. This powerful combination of ingredients allows to prevent the development of Listeria and to slow down the growth of spoilage bacteria, which helps to preserve the look and organoleptic properties of your products.

The usage is 25 grams per kilogram of product. The listing of ingredients is: potassium lactate and sodium diacetate.

The efficiency of Safe-T-Lac is comparable to that of Neu-Vi with one advantage: its price! However, the disadvantage of Safe-T-Lac is that its ingredient list does not correspond to the Clean Label trend.

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