Volcanic Stone Cooking Tile

Product Code – VGL1000-01

What is volcanic stone?

This cooking tile is 100% natural and is extracted from the most active volcanic area of Italy. Volcanic stone has exceptional thermal properties. This allows it to very quickly absorb heat from an oven or a BBQ to offer a unique cooking surface. It uniformly diffuses heat to grill and cook food to perfection.

Cooking on volcanic stone keeps food from getting charred by flames. The cooking tile also creates a flavourfull crust on meats, vegetables and fish and it keeps meat from drying out. Meat will cook in its juices which makes it very tender.


Various uses
– Perfect for cooking on the BBQ, in the oven or on the stove top
– Can be used cold to serve salads and desserts

– 100% natural
– Protects food from flame carbonization

– Very easy to clean with water and soap

Product Specifications

  • 2.75 kg in weight
  • Cooking surface of 8 x 12
  • 1.25 inch in thickness
  • Up to 900°F

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