Wheat Breadcrumbs

Thin cut – Available sizes:

1.0 kg (1W9L076)

2.0 kg (1W9L053)

25.0 kg (7I012)

Rough cut – Available sizes:

2.0 kg (1W9L054)

25.0 kg (7I011)

Industrial breadcrumbs are prepared with wheat flour dough or with bread. The dough is dried in the oven and is then ground and sifted. Industrial breadcrumbs can be flavoured or can also contain salt and aromatic herbs. Roasted breadcrumbs are very popular in Quebec. Breadcrumbs are usually used as a filler. Because of their good water absorption capacities, breadcrumbs are commonly used in the preparation of raw delicatessen, like sausages. However, the quantity of breadcrumbs should not exceed 5% of the total preparation. That is because when too much breadcrumbs are used in a recipe, they give the final product a soft texture and a flour taste. Furthermore, breadcrumbs tend to release water during product cooking. In cretons, breadcrumbs permit an even distribution of the fat in the mixture and prevent separation during the cooling process. Breadcrumbs are also used as a coating for breaded products.