Seasonings for tumbling are mixes to which you must add water. These seasonings are designed to be used in a tumbling cycle. This way, the liquid and the seasoning penetrate inside the meat to increase the yield.

Tumbling must be done cold and until the liquid is completely absorbed.

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BBQ Seasoning for Tumbling


A classic taste for summer!
Fine Herbs Seasoning for Tumbling


Marinade with a strong taste of fine herbs.
Souvlaki Seasoning for Tumbling


Marinade for traditional souvlaki.
Teriyaki Seasoning for Tumbling


Soy sauce marinade of a dark colour. Perfect for any style of meat.
Texan Seasoning for Tumbling


Traditional BBQ and tomato flavour, with a smoky taste.

Other Flavours Available

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Californian Marinade for Tumbling
Pepper Seasoning for Tumbling
Three-Pepper Seasoning for Tumbling