With the help of its SMB division and its exclusive distributors Distribution Dan-Hel, Via-Viateur, and Les Aliments Guy Austin, BSA wishes to offer “turnkey” solutions to stakeholders of the meat industry, mainly industrial and local butcher’s shops.

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Our ready-to-use premixes are easy-to-use seasoning mixes that you can use to customize your recipes. Discover the simplicity of our mixes, experience the standardization of your recipes and products, work efficiently, and obtain constant results.

With our unique “turnkey” solutions, we can offer you a variety of ready-to-use mixes that will add flavour and texture to your products.

We can also develop customized recipes just for you. Ask your sales representative for more information!

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BSA provides its customers the most common raw materials used in the industry, in various sizes.

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As a leader in the spice industry, BSA is ahead of its competitors thanks to the unparalleled quality control processes it has established at all plants where products are sourced from. BSA offers its customers premium quality spices that often meet higher standards than those required by the industry.

To ensure low microbiologic counts, BSA prefers to treat spices by using irradiation or other sterilization methods.

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To accommodate all butchers, BSA offers a wide variety of casings, natural and artificial, of various diameters. Our casings are perfect for dried or cooked products and can be used for immersion cooking or in the smoker.

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BSA is the equipment and food processes specialist for both industrial and artisan actors of the meat industry. We share with you our vast experience in the areas of injection, churning, cooking, smoking, vacuuming, mechanical separation of meat, fermentation, and drying cell.

Most of this equipment is available in our pilot plant and in our showroom. Benefit from our expertise and our renown technical support to lead your projects to fruition.

BSA is the exclusive Canadian distributor for French companies Arcos and Dadaux.

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We offer a variety of knives, moulds, containers, thermometers, and many other accessories essential to the work of a butcher.


We can provide you with chemicals for washing and sanitation. More than a distributor, we can help you set up your washing process, according to MAPAQ requirements.
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