With the help of its SMB division and its exclusive distributors Distribution Dan-Hel, Via-Viateur and Les Aliments Guy Austin, BSA wishes to offer “turnkey” solutions to stakeholders of the meat industry, mainly industrial and local butcher’s shops. The Recipe Calculator is one of these solutions.

Calculate, print, cook!

The Recipe Calculator is a useful tool that will help you calculate without mistake the quantity of ingredients you need for your recipe. Simply enter the amount of meat you will be using (or any other main ingredient) and the calculator will give you the needed quantities for all your other ingredients as well as the total weight of the recipe.

For injected and brined products, you must respect the injection rate specified on the label with a margin of more or less than 5%. Failure to follow this recommendation will result in an unbalanced recipe.

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These easy-to-use mixes for prepared meals have no MSG and are low in sodium (for most of the products).

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BSA offers different types of marinades: BSA Gourmet marinades and seasonings, liquid marinades, Mariné Plus sauces, and tumbling marinades.

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BSA offers you a rich variety of pre-mixes, with or without binder, to prepare delicious fresh sausages.

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Discover our wide variety of cretons.

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Discover our selection of pâtés, mousses, terrines, and other specialties.

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Whether it is to prepare brined products from pork, beef or poultry, BSA offers a wide variety of ingredients to make products with balanced aromas and flavors, as long as injection rates and maturation times are respected. Customers can easily prevent miscalculations by using our Recipe Calculator.

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A strict control method must be followed when preparing fermented and dried products. The preparation of such products must not be taken lightly. Knowledge of pH measurement and degree-hours calculations is essential to anyone who wants to commercialize these products.

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Discover a wide variety of ready-to-use mixes for the preparation of charcuterie products cooked in casings.

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