See below our variety of gluten-free salt reduced sausages.

Why should you choose gluten-free and salt reduced sausages?

Gluten-free and salt reduced sausages are perfect for your customers looking for gluten-free products, concerned about their sodium intake, interested in consuming sea salt, or wishing to avoid chemical-sounding ingredients (sodium erythorbate, ascorbic acid, etc.).

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Breakfast, Gluten-Free, Salt Reduced


Breakfast sausage, gluten-free and low sodium, with sea salt
Citrus Coriander, Gluten-Free, Salt Reduced


Delicious mix of lime and cilantro (dried coriander leaves). Excellent with chicken meat.
Fine Herbs, Gluten-Free, Salt Reduced


A sausage with fine herbs taste, gluten-free and low sodium, with sea salt
Italian, Gluten-Free, Salt Reduced


For a spicy sausage, gluten-free and low sodium, with sea salt
Tomato & Basil, Gluten-Free, Salt Reduced


Tomato and basil taste, with pieces of dried tomatoes, gluten-free, low sodium, with sea salt