Toulouse Sausage

Our Recipe of the Month features our Toulouse sausage (no binder) seasoning and our regular Toulouse sausage seasoning.

With this sausage meat, you can prepare three types of sausages that will give you and your customer a taste of France!

  • The Toulouse sausage : this sausage is prepared with hog casings and is then rolled and cut upon the customer’s request. As its name suggests, this sausage is from Toulouse, the capital of Southwest France. The Toulouse sausage is used for preparing cassoulet but is also enjoyed simply grilled.
  • The chipolata sausage : this sausage has a small diameter and is prepared with lamb casings. It is the perfect sausage for the grill. In some ways, it is the merguez of the French people.
  • The crépinette : this sausage is round and flat. It is prepared by shaping the sausage meat in meatballs and then covering them with parsley. The meatballs are then wrapped in caul fat.

A simple seasoning that can offer many possibilities!

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